Melanie Couture, Oak Park, CA

September 18th, 2017 by

After interviewing several private college counselors, only one stood out as being exceptional. This counselor was not only a wealth of information, but had a kind and nurturing personality. I felt that she cared about her students and genuinely wanted them to be happy about their college choices. Whereas the other counselors had rigid guidelines about what “all of their students do,” Audrey Kahane listened to my daughter and formulated a plan custom designed to fit her needs. Ms. Kahane emphasized not what my daughter “should have done” in high school, but what she could do to increase her chances of acceptance to her first choice school.

Most of the schools my daughter applied to were excellent matches, but were schools we never would have even considered if not for Ms. Kahane. Through her frequent visits to colleges all over the country, she was empowered with information unobtainable from school catalogues or websites. Not only was Ms. Kahane invaluable during the college selection process, she also guided my daughter through high school class selection during her junior and senior years. She knew what standardized tests my daughter should take and when and how often to take them. My daughter received valuable constructive criticism and guidance on her essays, and every application and resume were proofread and polished. Ms. Kahane also helped us plan visits to different colleges and special open house presentations given by out of state schools.

My daughter was accepted at all 8 colleges to which she applied. Two years later, my son achieved similar success under the tutelage of Ms. Kahane. My third child has just been accepted Early Decision to her first choice school on the East coast despite tremendous competition. The amazing thing about the accomplishments of these three children is that none one of them had a GPA over 3.5 when applying to these schools!

In conclusion, our college application experience was stress free and enjoyable. I am honored to have the opportunity to recommend the services of Ms. Audrey Kahane. Good luck to your son or daughter at this very exciting time in their lives. I hope it is as successful for your children as it was for mine!

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  • Mary Ann D., Thousand Oaks
    "I just wanted to let you know how much Bill and I have appreciated your assistance to and guidance of Ariel in the admissions process. We are thrilled that she has chosen University of Puget Sound. I really feel that it embodies what we visualized for her as we were filling out your questionnaire 9 months ago. Most importantly she is thrilled with it."
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