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As an independent college counselor, I have helped hundreds of students identify and get into colleges where they thrive academically, socially and personally.

Early Decision & Early Action

Take Time to Write “Why Our College?” Essay

The Importance of Being Nice

Keep Working On Applications While Waiting For Early Decisions

Colleges Use Personal Applications to Increase Application Numbers

College App Essays That Try Too Hard to Please Admissions Officers

Demonstrated Interest Helps With College Admission

How Many College Applications and When Should I Submit Them?

What to do This Summer to Get a Head Start on College Applications

Applying to West Point and Other Service Academies

Early Applications Can Benefit Students and Colleges

Evaluating College Applications

Making Your Final Decision

Don’t Annoy the Admissions Officer

How Parents Can Help

Character Counts in College Admission

Time to Get Going on Applications

College Application Timeline

Good Students, Bad Essays

Undecided About Your Major?

Should You Submit Your Application Early?

Getting Organized Can Make College Applications Less Stressful

Pay Attention to the Whole College Application

Thinking About Transferring?

The Mind of the College Admissions Officer

How Colleges Make Admissions Decisions (Part 1)

How Colleges Make Admissions Decisions (Part 2)

Telling Your Story: The Screenwriter’s Approach to College App Essays

Shy Students and the College Admission Process

Recommendation Letters

Writing an Effective College Application Essay

Standing Out in the Applicant Pool

Do College Admissions Officers Read Your Facebook Page?

Do Alumni Connections Help?

College Interviews: No Reason to Worry

Preparing Your Strongest College Application

Success Stories

  • Angela L, Oak Park
    “I’M GOING TO U CHICAGO!!! Just saying that makes me so happy, and all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you SO much for EVERY single thing you’ve done for me!!!”
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