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As an independent college counselor, I have helped hundreds of students identify and get into colleges where they thrive academically, socially and personally.

Getting a Better Financial Offer

Bringing Down the Cost of College (Part 2)

Bringing Down the Cost of College (Part 1)

Preparing for the SAT or ACT

A Strong Finish to Your School Year

Early Decision & Early Action

Admissions Officers on the Road

Thinking About Medical School?

What the Shy Student Needs to Know About College Admission

After the PSAT

Visiting After Admission Helps In Making Your Final Decision

Take Control of Your College Admissions Process

Admission Decisions & Wait-Lists

Take Time to Write “Why Our College?” Essay

Fear and Uncertainty Can Lead to Bad Behavior on All Sides

Start Those College Applications

The Importance of Being Nice

Bringing Down the Cost of College

Start Planning Your Summer

Prepare For College Applications By Doing What You Love

Finances and Final Decisions

Visiting Colleges During Spring Break

So Many College Applications, So Little Time

Keep Working On Applications While Waiting For Early Decisions

What Seniors Should Be Doing Now

Demonstrating Love of Learning sets Students Apart on College Apps

What It Takes To Get Into the Most Selective Colleges

Colleges Use Personal Applications to Increase Application Numbers

Choose Your Highly Likely Colleges Carefully

College App Essays That Try Too Hard to Please Admissions Officers

Demonstrated Interest Helps With College Admission

How Many College Applications and When Should I Submit Them?

Creating Your College List

What to do This Summer to Get a Head Start on College Applications

College Choice for LGBTQ Students

Studying Abroad in College

Public Liberal Arts Colleges Can Offer a Private College Education

Applying to West Point and Other Service Academies

Accelerated Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Colleges That Change Lives – Great Colleges You Might Not Know About

How to Make the Most of College Fairs

Early Applications Can Benefit Students and Colleges

Evaluating College Applications

Despite App Increases, Colleges Worry About Enrolling Enough Students

Making Your Final Decision

Low Admit Rates Fuel Admissions Anxiety

Two Year College Route to a Four Year Degree

3-2 Dual Degree Engineering/Liberal Arts Programs

Juniors Should Start Planning Now

High School Curriculum – International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP)?

It’s January – Juniors, Start Your College Search

Don’t Annoy the Admissions Officer

How Parents Can Help

Engineering Your Future

Don’t Let Senioritis Bring You Down

Reducing SAT and ACT Anxiety

Character Counts in College Admission

Time to Get Going on Applications

College Application Timeline

Good Students, Bad Essays

Success Stories

  • E.C., Calabasas
    "I saw Audrey with my son. I, of course, expected her to be knowledgeable about college possibilities, and she was. What really stood out with my experience with Audrey is her integrity. I fully expected to purchase her entire program and told her so at the beginning of the meeting. By the end of the meeting, her advice was to not purchase the package at that time because of our …
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