Admission Anxiety

In this time of increasing competition for college admission, anxiety about getting into college is off the chart for many students and parents.

My goals are to provide accurate, timely information and to reduce stress levels so that students can take a healthy approach to what should be an exciting time of self-discovery.

While it’s true that the most selective schools in the country are very tough to get into, the good news is there are still many excellent schools that admit students who haven’t competed in the Olympics or mapped the human genome. In fact, there are more excellent schools now because all of the students who can no longer get into the Ivies, Stanford, Duke, Chicago and Northwestern have gone to other colleges and raised the quality at those schools. Many colleges admit the majority of their applicants. There is a college (actually more than one college) for everyone. And going to the most competitive college isn’t necessarily the path to a successful career or life. Students who are planning to go on to graduate or professional school may be in a much stronger position if they have excelled at a college where they were one of the top students and developed close relationships with faculty who support their goals.

Instead of approaching this process from a place of fear, I encourage students to focus on what kind of college environment would be best for them. That means looking at learning style, academic and career goals, personal values and interests, and other factors.

Finding and getting into a college where you’ll be successful and happy should be the goal. That’s how I work with my students. Whether we’re looking at Stanford or Sonoma State, the focus is on making sure each student will have the kind of educational experience that will prepare him or her to take on the world. And to have some fun along the way.

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Success Stories

  • Megan S., West Hills
    "Audrey has been there to answer any questions, as well as guide me through the larger decisions. She never hesitated to research things on her own, and provided me with new outlooks on many questions I had. Her research helped me form a list of potential colleges, and eventually find the right fit. I felt confident throughout high school knowing that I had Audrey by my side."
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