My Approach to College Admissions Counseling

As a College Admissions Counselor, I have visited more than 250 colleges and continue to travel to campuses around the country each year so that I can bring you accurate, firsthand knowledge about programs and campus life. Meetings with admissions officers provide insight into what they are seeking in applicants, information not available on college websites or in brochures.

After listening carefully to each student’s needs and goals, I create a personalized program that can transform this stressful process into an exciting opportunity for self-discovery.

A College Admissions Counselor can help you make the most of your college career

College Admissions Counselor

By targeting the right colleges, I help students enhance their prospects for scholarships as well as admission, and save the time and expense of applying to too many colleges.

A master’s degree in counseling enables me to assess each student’s educational goals, learning style and personality, allowing us to identify colleges where the student will maximize his or her potential. Support and motivation are provided throughout the application process, reducing stress for parents and students.

My master of fine arts degree in screenwriting provides a unique foundation for helping students to tell their personal stories compellingly in application essays and prepare cohesive applications that present each student’s best, authentic self.

The results are acceptances at colleges where the student is most likely to be happy and successful.

Success Stories

  • Kim and Paul R., Westlake Village
    "First, I have to say thank you. For being a part of Clare’s journey, and for all your help and guidance these past few years. Paul and I are thrilled she had so many outstanding choices of highly selective colleges to attend (we never thought a home educated student would be so enthusiastically received by Admissions in such a highly competitive applicant pool) ... Once again, our sincerest thanks and …
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